Some things on editing I found this weekend:

  • EDITOR vs VISUAL . I didn't know there was a difference between the environment variables EDITOR and VISUAL and I always set the former. But I was way wrong. There seems little point in setting EDITOR unless you still work inside serial connections but most of us don't.

  • Autoinsert mode. I wanted to put in a few options by default when I created an OrgMode file and a few web searches later I was reminded of AutoInsert mode. I had this setup a while back, before I declared bankruptcy on my Emacs config and went to Projectile. Now it's back… at least for OrgMode

  • Ivy, Counsel, and Swiper. I had used Helm since I read about it in Mastering Emacs. I think found this page/presentation on Ivy and friends… and I switched. I'm glad I did. Ivy display things better but it will take me a bit to getused to how Swiper displays in isearch but I'll get used to it.