I think it's cool when Jason Kottke does it so why not do it too?

  • Guardians of the Galaxy (the first one) – My daughter was recently sick on a Sunday and we watched this together. It was my third time and her first. It really holds up well. Still my favorite Marvel movie (A+)

  • Watership Down – a friend recommended this book to me in eighth grade. I read it at least twice before I graduated high school, once more in college, and I think one more time just after college. It has been about (cough) 20 years since the last time, so I picked it up and read it again. Still one of my favorite books. (A+)

  • As Wild As We Came Here by The Steel Wheels – I'm a big Steel Wheels fan and I was excited for new music. This albums is very different – less harmonies, less roots music… I'd even argue that there is a rock song on it. But it's growing on me. (B)

  • Dungeons of Chaos – an old-school type RPG for Android/iOS that reminds me of the Ultima-days. If you obsess about building a party, leveling up characters, different weapons, and killing monsters in a dungeon, then this is for you. I played the heck out of this and finally have a party close to the end, and I'm already thinking about making another party and starting over. (A+)

  • Everybody's Fool – I wanted to read Nobody's Fool again but then I noted that Richard Russo came out with a sequel last year so I had to get it. The further adventures of Sully and events in North Bath. Not sure it was as good as the previous book but not many are (A-)

  • The Office – my wife and I are re-watching the US version of The Office (which we also watched on Netflix). One of the things we sorta missed last time was how amazingly funny and creepy Creed is. I mean, we knew it but this time we notice it more. And Jim and Pam are the best TV couple ever. (A)

  • Five Man Accoustical Jam by Tesla – another blast from my high school days. These guys are amazing musicians and the album holds up well. If released today, it would have a Parental Warning on it. There is a rumor that this album and it's success lead to MTV Unplugged. (A)

  • The Giver and Gathering Blue – the first half of The Giver Quartet from Lois Lowery. The former is quite good at showing a utopian world that is really dystopian. The second… not sure about. It's a good show of a total dystopian society but it feels like a first chapter. And the latter seemingly has nothing to with the first book but apparently they are tied together in the next book. Also, the pages seem to end when the story finally gets warmed up (A and B-).

  • Jaipur – toward the end of the month, one of the board games I've always want to play came out with an app. I can't compare it to the normal game, but the app is very well done (as most of Asmodee's apps are). I really like the campaign mode even though it hands my butt to me. (A)