I teased that I've been reading more on my Android tablet than playing board game apps, to my absolute surprise. I'm here to talk about my setup and maybe it will help someone out.

I'm using Moon+ Reader Pro. Yes the commercial version. It's worth it for the PDF files alone but these devs needs to be supported for their efforts. With a few tweaks, I don't miss my Kindle E-Reader at all. But it does take some tweaks.

I used this Reddit post to make the text look better. I like this setup – it suites me just fine. Syncing is also easy – you just use Dropbox. I'd like to have an open for WebDAV but for this, I'll take Dropbox. Once you set this up, it just works. If you scroll up a bit there, it will tell how to get books from your Calibre install, which is what I use to manage my ebook collection (using Calibre is worth at least a post in itself). And it has a built-in dictionary, similar to what a Kindle has. You have to set it up, but once you try to look up a word via long-press, it will step you through the process.

Of course, Moon+ Reader doesn't do DRM books like from Amazon, which is fine because most of my books come from Humble Bundle anyway. DRM free for the win!

What I really like about Moon+ Reader:

  • reads PDF(pro), Mobi, EPub, cbz, cbr files
  • displays battery life and time without getting in the way
  • tells you how many pages until the end of the current chapter (again, without getting in the way)
  • All my books look the same – have the same font type and size, margins, paragraph indents, etc. This always bugged me on Kindle.

In my two and a half months with my tablet, I've read three books on Moon+ Reader and I'm just completely happy with it.